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Our Story

EarthBrewForLife is focused on is soil health, plant health, food quality, nutrition density, and water quality.

     As a young person growing up on a farm in rural northeast Iowa, it seemed Jeff Polfer was always more in tune with the outdoors, nature, and its inhabitants than his farm work.

     Nine years after finishing high school, Jeff earned a four-year college degree; double-majoring in biology and conservation management. Upon graduation, he was hired on with the State Department of Natural Resources where he spent eight years working with forest environments, planting, growing, and raising various tree seedlings from seed. It was also at the start of those eight years that Jeff began to harvest and collect seeds from various hardwood trees and shrubs, process them, and offered them for sale. 

     Throughout Jeff's life and as he grows older, he takes some time to observe his surroundings or nature.  With the thought that it would be nice to have a million dollars setting in a bank account, Jeff understands that that’s not what is important. What is really important is to understand, appreciate and help sustain our environment and our families. 

     Through his observations, observations of various renowned soil scientists and others who have spent a lifetime working with nature, Jeff has gained a solid understanding in specific areas as to what problems and issues have taken place through human intervention and now what must take place or happen to remedy these problems that have arisen.

     Soil health, food quality, food nutrition density, plant health, and water quality have taken major setbacks due to the evolutionary processes humans have adapted to grow food.

     EarthBrewForLife works to help solve these issues by starting at the "ROOT" of the problem.


EarthBrewForLife products are made as composted teas and fluid extract conditioners that are intended to be applied to both soils and plants. These products are intended to significantly improve soil health, plant health, nutritional value & productivity.

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