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Sustainable vs. Regenerative Agriculture

Have you heard the term 'sustainable' or 'regenerative'? What comes to mind?

Sustainability, specifically when it comes to agriculture, is a practice that is geared toward keeping everything maintained the same. However, regenerative agriculture is practiced when the goal is to improve the productivity of the natural systems. While both of these practices may use similar ideas or tools, the outcome is the largest difference. Natural systems ebb and flow, therefore, regenerative agriculture works with its seasons to produce a healthy system. Natural systems use pulses. In other words, pulses are the cycles of growth, rest, and decline. Feedback is the principle behind the pulses. One of the best known examples is the reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone National Park. While the original intent was to control the elk population, this effected the entire ecosystem and helped to improve the natural habitat. Still have questions? Call Jeff at 563-568-7258.

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