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We Believe In Healthy People, Healthy Animals & Healthy Crops

We’re transforming agriculture one farm at a time.


It’s not just about dirt. We created EarthBrew® because the bee population is dwindling and birds are dying. We created it because we deserve higher quality food and healthier livestock, not to mention a safe place for our kids to play.


EarthBrew® helps the soil create its own natural fertilizer. It promotes the growth of beneficial fungi that allow the plant to “communicate” with the soil. Our microbes naturally produce the exact kind of nitrogen the plant needs. That means each plant gets a different kind of nitrogen. This process causes plants to flourish, smell and taste better, and even deters pests. 

There’s no conventional fertilizer that can do that.

Are You With Us?

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We Are Farmers & Scientists

Our intention is to restore the health of soil to improve the health of all creatures who depend on it. EarthBrew® is the result of extensive research conducted by renowned soil scientists and insight from naturalists and farmers. It was created by biologist and conservationist, Jeff Polfer, who uses it on his own farm in Postville, Iowa.


EarthBrew® uses the power of composting to work naturally with the soil to create healthy plants, better tasting food, and a safer environment for pets, livestock, and kids. We make it on our farm, and we can bring it to yours.

“The way I see it, the earth is a giant, rotating, composting monster. If we would just look at what the earth is composting, we would learn so much.”

- Jeff Polfer

“I am in my second year using Earth Brew products. Jeff has been great to work with. He is always willing to answer questions and brewing me up whatever I need to treat the issue at hand. This week we had an invasion of cucumber beetles. It almost killed my Lemon Cucumbers. The leaves were all but dried up. I applied Earth Brew, an application of compost extract and extract concentrate. This morning the plants are showing life again and we have new leaves on the plants. I would recommend this product if you are serious about farming with Biology.”

-Shaffer Ridgeway

This Is Our Story

We do this work because it’s doing good in the world. The idea that we could have healthier kids or save the bird population keeps us going. Sharing EarthBrew® with the world gives us hope, and it’s too important not to do.


My understanding of the influence humans have on the natural world came at a young age. When I was just a boy, my grandma caught me shooting birds with a BB gun. It took a lot to get a rise out of her, but this really upset her. She was upset because she knew something I didn’t. She told me not to shoot birds because one day they won’t be here anymore.


That memory has stuck with me. Since then, I’ve witnessed birds engulfed by agricultural chemicals being applied to fields on countless occasions. My grandma was right. With practices like that, one day the birds will be gone. 


The chemicals being sprayed on fields are killing bees, polluting water supplies, making livestock sick, and causing all kinds of preventable disease.


That’s why we created EarthBrew® . It eliminates the need to spray chemicals on fields. With EarthBrew®, you don’t need fertilizer or pesticides. Plus, it’s more economical than conventional methods. 


My wife Carla and I create and test EarthBrew® on our farm, just outside Lansing, Iowa. We deliver it personally to our neighbors, and we ship it to gardeners and organic farmers in Iowa. We’ve been using EarthBrew® on our own farm for years, and we sincerely hope you’ll consider using it on yours.

- Jeff Polfer

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