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EarthBrew BioChar makes your flower and vegetable gardens lush and productive. Our organic biochar is 100% safe for children, pets, birds, and animals. EarthBrew restores healthy soil so your gardens thrive without dangerous chemical fertilizers.


Our 6 ounce shaker of superior biochar is just right for home garden use. Just sprinkle a little in with your seed and mix, or sprinkle in the planting hole for starter plants.  A little bit goes a long way.


Shipping cost for this item is $10

EarthBrew BioChar - Home & Garden (6oz shaker) Click Photo

SKU: BioChar6oz
  • If you are not satifsied with EarthBrew please contact us.

  • Shipping is available. The shipping cost for our Home & Garden size BioChar shaker is $10 and we will add the shipping cost at the time of purchase.

    Pick up is also available.

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