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EarthBrew Farm & Field increases yields with less water and replaces expensive chemical fertilizers. Our organic compost extract restores healthy soil so your crops thrive and yields soar.  EarthBrew regenerates unhealthy soil resulting in healthier crops with increased  feed and food nutritient values.


Our superior compost extract concentrate requires clean chemical free water to be added at application. Recommended or goal is to apply no less than 1 gallon of concentrate per acre. The dilution rate will depend on how much liquid your applicator (sprayer) is applying per acre. Scenario: If your sprayer is applying 12 gallons of liquid per acre, then you would add 11 gallons of water to 1 gallon of extract in order to meet your goal of applying the 1 gallon of extract concentrate per acre.


Product can also be orderd or picked up in bulk custom quantities as needed.

Contact us for bulk order pricing.

EarthBrew Compost Extract - Farm & Field (5 gallon concentrate) Click Photo

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