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EarthBrew Lawn, Turf & Tree beautifys your lawn and trees keeping them healthy with less watering.  Our organic compost extract is 100% safe for children, pets, birds, and animals. EarthBrew restores healthy soil so your turf and trees thrives without dangerous chemical fertilizers.


Our 128 ounce bottle of superior compost extract concentrate is just right for your lawn or acreage. Just mix the 128 ouce bottle of concentrate with a minimum of 4 gallons of clean, non-chlorinated water. Covers about 1/2 too 1 acre (21,780 to 43,560 sf).


Golf Superintendents, contact us for bulk order pricing.

EarthBrew Compost Extract - Lawn, Turf & Tree (1 gallon concentrate) click photo

SKU: EarthBrew128
  • If you are not satifsied with EarthBrew please contact us.

  • Shipping is available. The shipping cost for our Garden size is $36 and we will add the shipping cost at the time of purchase.

    Pick up is also available.

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